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Chris Andersson

A quick Friday afternoon blog, direct from Tinder HQ – and what a week it’s been! It’s hard to believe that it’s only a few short days since we launched our new brand and website (along with our three year strategy) at a reception at the House of Lords.

House of Lords

Lord Jim Knight of Weymouth, Mercy Foundation Centre volunteer Saloni Patel, Victoria Rodney and Nick Hurd MP

I was lucky enough to attend the event – hosted by our Chairman, Lord Jim Knight of Weymouth – and it was an honour to be there for what really felt like a bold step into a bright, new future for the organisation.

We were joined by partners from both the private and voluntary sectors, and by some good friends in Government. Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society spoke at the event, and his belief that strong partnership working between these sectors is vital in tackling digital and social exclusion was met with widespread agreement.

Of course, an event of ours wouldn’t be complete without the presence of staff, volunteers and learners from the UK online centres network – which will always remain our first great love and top priority!

It was a personal pleasure to meet Victoria Rodney, Director of the Mercy Foundation Centre, a UK online centre in South London. She’s become something of a legend at Tinder HQ because of her enthusiasm and dedication, and the personal sacrifices she’s made to keep her centre open and doing amazing work in the community.

Mercy foundation centre is passionate for humanity reaching out to make a difference.
By Chris Andersson

The role of Mercy Foundation

Mercy Foundation is a Social Charity Organisation established to provide community engagement through utilizing work-based learning, skills and training, social inclusion, job brokerage and outreach services to support disadvantaged communities. Our aim is to assist anyone we come into contact with by providing advice and support, training, employment skills development and work-related activities.

Our services are designed to engage with local communities, especially the ‘hard to reach’ groups such as BAME, young people and senior citizens, NEETs, ex-offenders, lone parents and substance abusers.